Edna Lawrence’s New Website

My up-to-date, more functional, more reader-friendly website is finally here. I invite you to browse the entire website where you’ll find plenty of health-producing information that can assist you in achieving vibrant health and losing weight, naturally.

If you want to learn how to create an amazingly healthy lifestyle – a lifestyle that activates your healing power within, you’ll enjoy your visit to my website. There’s helpful information for all health-conscious, health-seeking individuals.

In addition to the new layout, you’ll enjoy the new color scheme and images. Feel free to leave your questions and comments as the website is now interactive.

And don’t forget to enter your name and email address in the signup box to receive my free newsletter.

My new book, My Journey to Vibrant Health… and how you can get there, too, is available in several formats.The e-book is available on smashwords.com and the Kindle edition is available on amazon.com.

The print version is available from this website – click the PayPal button on the right sidebar, to pay by credit card or your PayPal account. Price includes shipping, handling, and tax; discounts are available when purchasing 10 or more print copies.

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