Internal Body Cleansing

Cleansing your colon and continuously detoxifying your cells, tissues, organs and systems are prerequisites for achieving health and vitality. Your body must be able to eliminate the toxic wastes and harmful bacteria that cause a multitude of diseases.

When your colon contains old fecal waste for an extended period of time, elements of the waste product can be re-absorbed into your body and hinder the proper functioning of your intestinal tract and every cell, tissue, organ and system in your body. If you do not flush out these toxins and waste materials, it is very difficult to create the level of health, energy and peace of mind you desire and deserve.

Colon hydrotherapy, also referred to as “colonics,” is a simple way of cleansing the colon. It is defined by the colon experts as, “. . . the gentle infusion of water into the colon to cleanse the colon of accumulated waste material, gas, mucus, still undigested foods, and toxins. It helps improve muscle tone of the colon, facilitating the natural peristaltic action necessary for efficient removal of waste and absorption of nutrients.”

HIGHTLIGHTED COLON  IN PURPLE  - For Internal Body Cleansing

Natural health experts worldwide agree that most illnesses, old age, and even death itself are due to the accumulation of waste products in the body, specifically the colon. These toxins prevent the body from replenishing its cellular structures and organs with fresh, vital nutrients.

Dr. Norman W. Walker, D.Sc., a colon health expert, wrote, “The colon is the most neglected and forgotten part of the body. Colon health emphasizes prevention rather than cure and is the most important step in maintaining or regaining vital health. If the sewer system in your home is backed up, your entire home is affected. Should it be any different with your body?”

My answer is, NO!

As Dr. J.E.G. Waddington reported, “Colon therapy is not intended to be a cure-all, but is a valuable procedure for a wide variety of conditions of ill health. Intestinal malfunctions are precursors of many illnesses. The restoration of intestinal elimination, too often ignored, is an important preliminary course to the restoration of health. An inefficient colon is not always the cause of sickness, but it is believed to accentuate and prolong any and all diseased conditions of the human body.”

I highly recommend that you have periodic colonics administered by a licensed colon hydrotherapist. It is necessary to flush the waste and sludge out of your major elimination organs so you can avoid self-poisoning from accumulated body waste.

Early on my health journey, I learned the importance of colon cleansing and the fact we all should have it done periodically. What a huge difference in the way my body feels after each session! In addition to feeling lighter and more peaceful, I have more energy.

3 GLASSES FRESH  VEGGIE JUICE - For Internal Body CleansingIn addition to colon cleansing, I urge you to detoxify your liver, kidneys and gallbladder periodically. There are many effective detoxification programs on the market today. Use your common sense when selecting the one that is appropriate for you, or contact a naturopathic physician for advice.

These procedures initiate the cleansing process and jumpstart your journey to vibrant health and wellness. After implementing in your daily life the R.E.B.A. Principles discussed in my book, My Journey to Vibrant Health…and how you can get there, too, your body will cleanse and detoxify itself on an ongoing basis—naturally.

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