Book Excerpt from Chapter 2 – Two Major Focuses of the R.E.B.A. Principles

Two of the three major focuses of the R.E.B.A. Principles are:

1. Personal Responsibility

“There are NO incurable diseases, NONE.
Take RESPONSIBILITY, and be willing to CHANGE,
and you can heal yourself of anything.”
~ Dr. Richard Schulze

Your health is your responsibility and, therefore, in your hands, not dependent upon anyone or anything outside of you. No matter what your health problems may be, or how long you have had them, drug-free solutions do exist—despite what doctors may have told you. But it is your duty to find and implement those solutions in your daily life. Remember, it is your life that is on the line here.

Taking responsibility for your health means making healthy lifestyle choices and watching what you put into and onto your body. And it starts with a heavy dose of desire, commitment, a mindset shift, and determination. Remember you are the only chance your body has. If you do not assume responsibility for it, then who will? No one else can eat, sleep, meditate, exercise, breathe fresh air, or absorb sunshine for you. These are your responsibilities.

In his book, Why Christians Get Sick, Dr. George H. Malkmus states that, “Many people have a problem accepting personal responsibility for their own health problems. It is a lot easier to believe that some germ or virus or outside influence over which they have no control caused their physical problem, than it is to acknowledge that they personally caused the problem themselves.”

Dr. Malkmus continues, “Often, because of ignorance, people will even blame God or say that it is God’s Will, thus, once again, shifting the blame away from themselves. When we place the blame on some outside force, could it be we don’t want to acknowledge the possibility that perhaps something we are doing or not doing is responsible for our illness?”

After ‘knocking on death’s door several times in the past, I am alive and healthy today because I assumed responsibility for my own health and refused to allow anyone or anything to stop me. And today, studies show that an increasing number of Americans are taking the same dogmatic attitude and assuming more responsibility for decisions concerning their health. That is very encouraging!

If you want to enjoy a vibrantly healthy life, one of your greatest priorities must be a commitment to assertively—even aggressively—take responsibility for your own health. Yes, it will take time, but the rewards for achieving vital health and peace of mind are so much greater.

When you learn how to take responsibility for your own health decisions and actions, you will become more peaceful, tolerant, and accepting of your health condition. As you realize your health is in your hands, you will likely do whatever it takes to regain and maintain it. When I assumed responsibility for my health, I became more peaceful, less fearful, and my confident soared, because I finally realized that my health outcome was in my hands. For the first time in my life, I understood that I possess the power to choose which direction my health would take—degeneration and disease or regeneration and vital health. How liberating is that?

I realize that death is inevitable, but how we live our life and the quality and dignity with which we die are left up to us. We have the unique ability and responsibility to make our life and death as high quality as possible.

2. Prevention

“The fact is, conventional medicine does a spectacular job of managing acute health care problems like trauma and infections, but it has failed miserably in the arena of preventative care and the management of chronic illness.”
~ Noah McKay, M.D.

Prevention, prevention, prevention—is the core message here. Hopefully, it will empower you to take charge of your life so you can live in confidence knowing you will not become a statistic of modern medicine—because you understand how to prevent disease from occurring in the first place.

Know that drug-free solutions do exist. You need only to find and apply them in your life. As Dr. T. Colin Campbell stated on his website, “Prevention is the best medicine; the American healthcare system is the third leading cause of death in the country, with adverse drug reactions, medical error, hospital infections, and surgical errors totaling more deaths than heart disease or cancer.”

Preventing illness is a mindset. And to achieve vital health, your mindset must be that you can prevent disease by taking charge of your health today and implementing the health principles discussed in this book. When you take care of your body, your body will take care of you. You will experience improved health, an incredible surge of sustained energy, and your sense of well-being will soar. How great is that!

On the other hand, the mindset of modern medicine is to wait until disease appears and then to treat and manage the symptoms with drugs, surgeries, chemotherapy, radiation, dialysis, etc. My question is, why would you wait to receive a negative diagnosis from your doctor before you start taking care of your body?

Most chronic degenerative diseases can be prevented by engaging in the proper lifestyle choices that lead to long-term health. Using the strategies in this book, you will learn how to, not only regain your health, but also how to prevent diseases from occurring in the first place.

Many Americans are living in fear of developing a major illness because they do not know what to do to prevent it. They feel their ill health is beyond their control, so they leave it up to their doctor to make them better. Well, there is no time to worry about what could happen or to transfer your healthcare responsibility to your doctor. Instead, implement the principles discussed in this book and trust your innate healing power to keep disease at bay. There are no guarantees, but I know from personal experience that if you apply these health principles, you will reap the benefit of great health and wellness.

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