Book Excerpt from Chapter 3, Five Health-related Observations

Following are five health-related observations I became aware of during my journey to health:

Observation #1: With each passing day, you are getting healthier or sicker, and heading toward disease, meaning that every day you are either building health or producing disease in your body. The great news is you get to choose in which direction you want your health to go. You can choose actions that will allow your body to regenerate and heal itself, or behaviors that will cause degeneration and disease.

Every cell in your body is constantly being replaced. And based on your daily lifestyle choices and habits, those new cells are being regenerated into either a healthy or unhealthy environment. If your internal environment is healthy, the new cells become stronger and healthier overtime. On the other hand, if your internal environment is toxic and unhealthy, those new cells become weaker and weaker until they reach a diseased state. Thus, your health or lack thereof, is in your hands—not your doctor’s or anyone else for that matter!

Observation #2: You cannot poison your body into health with prescription or over-the-counter drugs, chemotherapy, radiation, etc. Nor can you heal your body by cutting out unhealthy body parts through surgery. If this were so, pretty soon you will run out of body parts. The fact is these procedures cannot heal your body now or in the future. Yes, you might experience temporary relief, but that is not health. Make no mistake about it, when the underlying cause of disease is not dealt with, it will eventually return more deadly than before. Cancer is a great example.

Observation #3: Your body was created with incredible power to heal itself and prevent disease. To do so however, it requires the fundamentals of a plant-based diet, whole food nutrition, filtered water, internal cleansing, mindset shift, etc. Remember your body is nutrient-deficient, not drug-deficient. I will discuss this healing power in more details in Chapter 4, under, “Divine healing power within.”

Observation # 4: Should you choose to continue to engage in your current lifestyle habits and pretend you are invincible, your health will continue its downward spiral into a sea of bad health, much pain and suffering, temporary quick fixes, and disease management involving medication and surgeries. And during this journey to premature death, you will no doubt pay an enormous price in pain, misery, and money just trying to stay alive. Unfortunately, for too many Americans it may be too late. The evidence is overwhelming and undeniable. Just look around and you will see the appalling consequences of choosing this path.

Observation #5: On the other hand, should you choose to step-up and assume full responsibility for your health and implement the R.E.B.A. Principles, self-healing and vibrant health will be yours to enjoy for the remainder of your life! Come on Americans, you have everything to gain and nothing to lose but bad habits, adverse drug reactions, body fat, fatigue, and chronic disease. If you do not feel better and have more energy after implementing the R.E.B.A. Principles, you can always go back to doing what you have been doing and feeling awful as a result. The choice is yours!

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