“Changing the inner attitude of your mind can change the outer aspect of your life.”  ~Anonymous

If we want to create long-term health, we must cultivate a powerful belief in our body’s ability to restore and maintain great health. Having belief means we must let go of the usual way we think health and disease are created and treated.

The human body is an amazing machine that’s capable of regulating, balancing, and regenerating powerful health. However, we must provide it with the proper tools necessary to do its job.  Our responsibility is to create the health-generating lifestyle that leads to vibrant health.


Also, we must maintain a positive mental attitude as we travel down the most rewarding health journey of our life, and be willing to do whatever it takes to reclaim and preserve our health and well-being.

Whether we realize it or not, our lack of health is partly the result of how and what we think about. Health experts agree that our thinking affects our bodily functions that ultimately manifests as physical limitations in our body.

It’s well established that everything in our life starts with our thoughts and beliefs. Thinking positive uplifting thoughts and believing that God can and will heal our body when we do our part, is the most important thing we can do to help ourselves. Remember if we don’t think our body can heal itself, chances are, it will never heal.

Certain forms of self-negation—like criticism of self or others, anger, anxiety, doubt, jealousy, suspicion, fear, worry, hate, envy and thoughts of lack and limitation prevent the flow of our innate healing power. And such negative thinking causes imbalance in our body that eventually leads to disease. Thus, it’s important to spend time training our mind to think positively and constructively at all times.

A grateful, joyful attitude and a positive outlook on life are necessary to live a healthy, happy, successful life. Additionally, we must protect our body from overindulgence of the wrong foods and beverages and our mind from evil and despair, if we want to create a healthy lifestyle and maintain excellent long-term health.

Wallace D. Wattles, back in 1910, in one of his classic books, The Science of Being Well (http://www.scienceofbeingwell.net/) notes, “If our thoughts always relate to disease, then our thoughts become a fixed power to cause disease within us. And if our thoughts always relate to health, then our thoughts become a fixed power exerted to keep us well.”

The bottom line is, we must watch our thoughts and make sure we entertain ideas of positive health and not negative disease. And the best way to do that, according to Wattles, is to “(F)orm a mental picture of yourself as being well, imagining a perfectly strong and healthy body, and spend time contemplating this image to make it your habitual thought of yourself.” In other words, we must do what we can to keep hope alive!


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