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My Health Retreat on Maui

From March 30th – April 6th, I spent seven days in Maui, HI on a health retreat lead by Michael Klaper, MD, with the help of a talented group of experts on health, wellness and vitality.

Dr. Klaper is an experienced, caring physician who shared healing secrets from 40 years of clinical experience in acute care as well as preventive and nutritionally-based medicine. He is currently a staff physican at True North Health Center in Santa Rosa, CA.

Our participation in this very special holistic event included a private medical consultation with Dr. Klaper, plus one full week of fresh fruit and vegetable cleansing juices and plant-based cuisine, inspirational talks, health lectures, cooking classes, and transformative yoga sessions in a beautiful luxurious retreat center, Lumeria Maui.


Edna hanging out at Lumeria Maui

After breakfast each day, we met as a group with Dr. Klaper for a lecture and Q&A session exploring ways to optimize healing in our body – and in our life.

Alese Jones, Yoga Professional, invited us to commence on our own path of knowing our true self, with the time honored teachings of yoga and meditation. She encouraged us to explore our full potential and taught the importance of creating a strong physical foundation so the mind can find rest and the spirit can be joyous.

Chef Chad Sarno, New York Times Best Selling Author, Culinary Educator and Self-Proclaimed “Plant-Based Promoter” taught us how to prepare delicious, health-enhancing meals.

Beautiful surroundings

Beautiful surroundings

Alan Cohen, author and Inspirational Life-Coach provided a warm blend of wisdom, intimacy, humor and vision for our personal, professional, and spiritual growth.

During five of the seven days, I participated in a freshly-made juice fast. To my surprise I did not get hungry or weak in anyway. With exception of a slight headache (for a couple hours on the third day), I felt terrific with greater clarity and a deep feeling of gratitude.

We started each day with meditation and yoga followed by breakfast. For those of us who participated in the juice fast, our breakfast consisted of a pint of freshly made fruit and vegetable juice and all the filtered water and herbal tea we desired. In fact, this was the “recipe” for all meal times. Those who did not participate in the juice fast consumed light plant-based cuisines.

Although options for free time excursions on Maui were available, the focus of our program was rest and restoration. As a result, we were encouraged to partake of the healing foods and extraordinary event location Dr. Klaper chose for us.

Serenity at Lumeria Maui

Each day during the retreat built upon the next, deepening our understanding of our body, food, awareness and life. I enjoyed the calm beauty and relaxing walks through lush tropical and edible gardens as well as the optional, and wonderful, spa treatments.

This was a magical, week-long healing journey that enriched my life in many ways. It was a week of rest and restoration and imaginative re-visioning of my health and life. I felt, and continue to feel, lighter, healthier, and more balanced.

Thanks Dr. Klaper!


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Whole Food Nutrition

What is whole food nutrition and why is it necessary? Whole food nutrition is whole, concentrated, food-grade herbal plants (not medicinal herbs), fruits and vegetables that nourish, balance, and cleanse the body—naturally. In short, whole food nutrition is unprocessed whole plant food with all nutrients still intact, including live enzymes and antioxidants.

Herbal whole food nutrition, which is necessary for the regeneration of healthier cells, and beneficial for NUTRITION WORD CLOUD - For Whole Food Nutritioneveryone, including infants and children, provides proper nourishment for the entire body. Because vital nutrients are missing from plant foods grown in American soil today, whole food nutrition is even more critical in creating great health.

Given that plants are grown in mineral-depleted soil, there are no or very little nutrients to be absorbed by plants and passed on to you and me. And according to Dr. Michael Colgan, that is why “Americans are malnourished. Even when we succeed at eating a balanced diet, our systems still suffer from the actual lack of nutrients in foods.”

These missing nutrients are the result of pollution, soil erosion, and conventional farming methods that depend on chemical pesticides and fertilizers. And it does not end there. During preparation of the already nutrient-deficient food, 50 percent of the remaining nutrients vanish. In other words, cooking vegetables further depletes the nutrients and seriously damages its nutritional value according to experts.

A chart from The Nutritional Security Institute shows an eighty-year decline in mineral content of one medium raw apple, thanks to soil erosion and crop raising practices that deplete soil nutrients, and negative effects from pesticides that inhibit natural food development.

Yet the FDA still maintains that we should get our vitamins and minerals from the foods we eat. But it is impossible to do that if our soil does not supply plants with enough nutrition in the first place. Americans can eat the proper portions of healthy fruits and vegetables and still be deficient in nutrients.

FRESH  HERBS - For  Whole Food NutritionAs I personally learned early on my quest to better health, merely eating vegetables was not sufficient to heal my body and keep me healthy. During the first nine years on my journey, I consumed a plant-based diet in addition to a variety of synthetic vitamin supplements that had little or no effect on my health. I continued to suffer with asthma, which became more severe with each passing day. By the end of the nine-year period, I had developed other health problems and suffered two back-to-back life-threatening asthma attacks in one week that sent me to the hospital emergency room.

My experience after adding herbal whole food nutrition to my daily regimen was—and still is—amazing. My health returned at warp speed because my body was finally getting all the nourishment it needed to regulate, balance and heal itself. Almost immediately I felt better, had more energy and my cravings for unhealthy sugary, salty and fatty foods diminished and actually disappeared over time. Today, herbal whole food nutrition is a major part of my daily regimen and the core of the R.E.B.A. Principles I teach.

You can learn much more about whole food nutrition in my book, My Journey to Vibrant Health… and how you can get there, too.  The e-book is available on and the Kindle edition is available on You can purchase the paperback edition from this website.

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