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Practical, Economical, Do-able Steps to Skyrocket Health and Lose Weight Naturally, Safely, and Permanently – Without Medication

Buckeye, AZ – June 2013 – A New book provides a natural, reliable path for creating an amazingly healthy lifestyle – a lifestyle that triggers the self-healing doctor within – enabling the body to respond with the most prized gift of all – vibrant health.

In My Journey to Vibrant Health…and how you can get there, too, ($13.95, Divine Health Solutions, Intl., June 2013), author Edna Lawrence, who saved her own life, brings 16 years of knowledge and experience in holistic health and lifestyle improvement. Her personal experience led to the creation of four natural health principles used as guideposts assisting others in achieving their ideal self in virtually every dimension of life, starting with the ways in which the body is nourished.

Lawrence, in My Journey to Vibrant Health…and how you can get there, too, shares several life changing health benefits including the following:

•    Improve and maintain remarkable health and vitality, naturally
•    End addiction to prescription and over-the-counter drugs
•    Eliminate nutrient-deficient foods and uncontrollable cravings
•    Boost energy
•    Lose weight, safely, naturally, and permanently—without pills or surgery
•    Embrace the aging process with grace, dignity, and a deep sense of gratitude

“Based on hundreds of conversations with people regarding their health, or lack thereof, over the last 16 years”, says Lawrence, “I discovered many people have the erroneous belief that modern medicine can actually ‘heal’ diseases. In My Journey to Vibrant Health…and how you can get there, too, I dispel these false and very dangerous beliefs.”

Edna Lawrence has been on the natural health journey for the last 16 years, and experienced first-hand what it feels like to fear for her life – not knowing whether each breath would literally be her last. After suffering with chronic asthma for nearly 20 years and subsequently saving her own life, she analyzed what she did, why she did it, and what happened as a result. Then she became a holistic health educator and wellness coach with a mission to help others improve their health as well.

My Journey to Vibrant Health…and how you can get there, too (Divine Health Solutions, Intl., $13.95, paperback, 6×9, 58 pages, available at, e-book, $3.99, available at: and

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8 action steps to jumpstart your journey to vital health

Buckeye, AZ – June 2013 – A holistic health educator, wellness coach, and author of a book that teaches people how to improve their health and lose weight naturally says achieving great health is simpler than most people think.

“Over the last 16 years, many people asked how I regained my health and the steps they could take to start their health journey”, says Edna Lawrence, author of My Journey to Vibrant Health…and how you can get there, too. “Because achieving great health is a life-long journey, I let them know they must first make a fundamental and intentional decision and commitment to improve their health.”

Lawrence shares the following tips to jumpstart your health journey:

•    Make a list of all your health problems and commit to taking the steps necessary to improve your health and lose weight – if weight is a problem. Check your list once a month and mark through the problems that have improved or disappeared completely.

•    Take an inventory of your pantry and refrigerator and discard all food items in a box, can, package or bag (unless it is brown rice, dry beans/peas, or frozen fruits and vegetables). That’s because most of these foods are highly processed, contain additives, preservatives, excess sodium, and BPA – all of which are detrimental to long-term health. Instead of trashing the items, however, donate them to the local homeless shelter or soup kitchen.

•    Start shopping on the inside perimeter of your supermarket, where the fruits and vegetables are displayed. There is almost nothing healthy and worth eating or drinking (except filtered water) in the middle aisles of the store.

•    Gradually decrease the amount of animal-based foods you ingest and increase the amount of plant-based foods you eat. Try it. Your body will be glad you did because your energy level will increase almost immediately.

•    Consume a plant-based diet of fresh organic fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, and whole grains. Your goal is to  g-r-a-d-u-a-l-l-y replace unhealthy foods with healthier choices. This emphasis on “gradually” is important. Replacing all unhealthy foods at once can cause digestive upsets and bring on symptoms similar to those of drug or alcohol withdrawal.

•    Add herbal whole food nutrition to your daily regimen.  Whole food nutrition is whole, concentrated, food-grade herbal plants (not medicinal herbs), fruits and vegetables that nourish, balance, and cleanse the body – naturally. It is unprocessed whole plant food with all nutrients still intact, including live enzymes and antioxidants. Whole food nutrition is necessary to sustain your body because plant foods grown in American soil today lack sufficient nutrients.

•    Slowly increase your water intake to 3–4 quarts per day. Here, too, be gradual about it because a sudden increase in water intake can cause bloating and nausea. Start by drinking two times more water than you are currently drinking, and slowly increase it until you reach the recommended 3–4 quarts daily.

•    Add physical activity to your plan. Thirty minutes a day for five days out of each week is the ‘standard’ amount of physical activity that can add years to your life. And those thirty minutes can be done in ten-minute segments, if you are unable to possibly fit a half-hour session into your schedule. Of course, more is even better. So, adding a morning or evening walk and physical activities on weekends would be a plus. If necessary, seek the advice of your healthcare practitioner before starting your exercise program, especially if you have done nothing more than walk to the table and lift a fork for a long while.

My Journey to Vibrant Health…and how you can get there, too provides a series of proven health principles to assist you in achieving your ideal self in virtually every dimension of your life, starting with the body within which you live and ways in which you nourish that body. (Published by Divine Health Solutions, Intl., $13.95, paperback, 6×9, 58 pages, available at,
e-book,  $3.99, available at: and

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CONTACT: Edna Lawrence, 480-209-5322

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Edna Lawrence
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Edna Lawrence Bio

Edna Lawrence retired from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services where she was employed for nearly 30 years. During her long career, Edna held a variety of positions that took her to several U.S. cities. However, in her last position, she served in the Office of Regional Commissioner for the Southeastern Region of the Social Security Administration.

Edna’s duties were many, including, but not limited to: as a Program and State and Local Government Specialist for the Commissioner she conducted training classes and developed Regional processing guidelines & memoranda. She interpreted Federal Regulations and issued clarifications, and provided expert advice to local Social Security offices as well as State and Local Government agencies in the Southeastern Region.

As a Holistic Health Educator and Wellness Coach, she currently conducts health seminars, one-on-one coaching sessions, and teleseminars where she teaches people how to create real health from within – without medications, doctors, or surgeries. She also teaches people how to lose weight naturally, safely, and permanently – without fad diets, liposuction, diet pills, or gastric surgery.

Edna is the author of My Journey to Vibrant Health…and how you can get there, too, and creator of the R.E.B.A. Principles.

A member of the Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc. and the National Sales Network; Edna earned a Bachelor of Science Degree in Physical Education and Biology from Alabama State University. Subsequently, she completed numerous health-promoting courses in natural holistic health, including live food preparation, natural internal cleansing, plant-based diet, and whole food nutrition. Edna now resides near Phoenix, AZ.

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